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The world's largest football content and media business.


London, UK


I was the first UX/UI designer to join the company

and I was the one to set up the workflow and choose the software to work with.

Apart from working on the Footballco apps such

as, Goal Live Scores, Spox and their websites, I have also worked on unifying all our products, rebranding and creating a new Design System.

Case studies

Please contact me for more in depth information.

The projects below don't show the full scope of my work.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Leading the creation of the design system based on the new branding. (grid, layout, componetns, typography, etc.)

Bringing two separate apps (News and Scores) into one unfied app.

Creating branding for all our products (other apps and websites)

Image by Ed Pylypenko

Improving the commenting section and creating new ways to engage users with our products, such as through the creation of the personalised "My Feed".

Redesigning the onboarding process and live score stats access.

green plant on brown round coins_edited.

Improving the user experience while allowing for the good positioning of the ads that generate the company's income.

Working with other sponsor brands such as McDonalds and Visa.

The Drum Awards

Best Sports News Site

On mobile, the Goal app was downloaded more than two million times and on social, Goal has attracted more than 56 million social followers. Facebook played a key part in the user acquisition and brand building, an idea that was extended through articles to video and graphical content created specifically for social.

Before and after

Frame 484039_edited.jpg

Life at Footballco

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