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User engagement


More users are using Live Score app and not News app.

How can we make users spend more time using our products and build our brand as the best football news media?

Business requirement

Improve the experience of the users for them to keep using our products.


Lead UX/UI designer

Frame 484041.png


Improving the commenting section and creating new ways to engage users with our products, such as through the creation of the personalised "My Feed".

Also, an idea to create Football "facebook" to unite the fans.


Research and problem definition

  • Surveys with the users and possible users

  • Researching user needs - what is the first thing they wanna see

  • Activelly looking into the competition and their ideas to bring football news to the users


  • New branding

  • Removal of interstitial

  • Merging two apps together

  • Adding personalisation

  • Improved onboarding

  • Improving comment section

  • Adding personalised news feed

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