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Ad revenue


Users churn (especialy during the onboarding process).

The business is losing their users as they move to competition for quicker access to the live scores.

Business requirement

Improve the experience of the users for them to keep using our products.


Lead UX/UI designer

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Pain point

Since the app is free for the users and its main revenue comes from the advertisments, it was quite difficult to persuade the stakeholders to change the set up of ads for a better user experience. 

Yet, the amount of the ads (and in some cases their length) made our users complain or abandon the apps. 


Research and problem definition

  • Since we had access to Gogle Analytics, it was vital to show to the stakeholders that we have a huge churn of users at the very start of their usage of the app.

  • We have also undertook a survey to understand the attitude of the users towards the ads within the app. 

  • We have also done an investiagtion into other apps that use ads to gain income.

  • We have also investiaged user needs regarding the onboaring.


  • Removal of the interstitial from the app and making the ad placement user friendly.

  • Improving the onboarding experience.

  • Finding better placements for the ads within the app so that they can bring revenue while keeping the users coming back to use our apps.

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