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Global leader in Customer Data Science


London, UK


I was in charge of 3 projects, and working on a few minor ones.


The main projects were:

  • building a SaaS platform

  • creating a KPI dashboard application

  • redesigning a Price management app.

As the nature of this work is confidential,
please contact me for more info.


Working with a wide range of users, mainly in grocery and pharmacy retail.

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Case studies

Please contact for more detailed information.

Data Processing

A web based app for Retailers and their CPGs who want on-demand insights into the performance of their brands, categories and channels.


A flexible, API-driven insight solution that can be customised to showcase trends & opportunities for improvement relevant to the user, at a glance.

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Price management

A web based app that allows Pricing Analysts, Category Managers and Buyers to strategically optimise prices and forecast outcomes.

In charge of the whole process from the research and heuristic evaluation of the current Excel based and app based methods of sorting, managing and viewing prices.

Image by Mohammad Rahmani

An application platform, supporting global products & services.

In charge of creating persona research and creating a new design system to support all solutions. 

Allowing users to navigate betwen diffferent apps and organise their work while driving higher sales.


Lena and I have worked together for the last year at dunnhumby.


Lena was a UX/UI Designer supporting the work I was driving on our Application Platform, supporting our global products & services.


She is very professional, with a great can do attitude, proactive, solution focused whilst ensuring she properly understands the personas challenges before applying her design expertise.


Whether it is with his my team or myself she excels in communications and delivers insightful recommendations and directions. She is opened to constructive feedback on design and will iterate several times until consensus. She is knowledgeable about UX/UI design as well as product management in general which makes her a great person to work with on product roadmap items.


All of these elements explain why we worked as an efficient team and got great results on the portal elements of our Platform. I would definitely want to work with her again if a future opportunity arises.

Patrick Constans

Platform Product Director at dunnhumby

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Life at Dunnhumby

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